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WeChat Account Types and Features

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Understanding WeChat marketing, our first task is to design a clear and customised strategy, we can dive into your business needs and figure out what is the key solution for your company.



There are three types of accounts on WeChat. Each of them necessitates several layers of certification to unlock their full features. We will support you in choosing the right accounts and handle all the creation and certification process.



“APPs within the APP”, WeChat can works like this amazing way. By leveraging WeChat geolocation, voice recognition, e-commerce and numerous other features, the possibilities are never endless. We will help you design and develop a WeChat APP which will make your account truly stand out.



WeChat is also an e-commerce solution, and WeChat marketing should enable you to leverage it. Whether it is through a third-party platform or developing your own WeChat shop, we can get your company ready for WeChat sales online.



We’ll be able to advise you on the best way to carry for your business, and manage it from design to delivery from. Viral campaigns, promotions, ad campaigns or Key Opinion Leader influencing: we master all kind of WeChat marketing campaigns.



You know you need to be present your business on WeChat, but you don’t know how much customers or profits WeChat marketing is bringing you, We are the expert on the long run to help you figure out what are the right metrics, measure them and carry improvements on the market.



Everything we build is tailored for our clients. If you have something in mind that you would like to deliver on WeChat, but not sure if and how it can be done, come and contact us anytime. We’ll help you figure out how to turn your vision into concrete results, and fulfil your plan.