Creative Solutions

We work on a wide variety of projects, our dedicated and multi-disciplinary team will works closely with you and provide the highest quality solutions. Our creatives services include:

✓ Branding & Corporate Identity (Logo)

✓ Books/Booklet Design

✓ Catalog/ Brochures/ Flyer Design

✓ Posters Design

✓ Packaging Design

✓ Advertising Campaign

✓ Event Design

✓ Marketing Collaterals

✓ Photography Management & Art Direction


Website & eCommerce

Website & eCommerce Design and Development is an essential component in any digital marketing campaign. We are offering a wide range of Web Design & Development services listed below:

✓ CMS based Website

✓ eCommerce (Online Shop) Development

✓ Application Development (App)

✓ Responsive Website Design

✓ Social Networking Site Development

✓ Web Portal Development

✓ Domain Name Registration and Hosting Services

✓ Website Maintenance

WeChat & PI System

Singapore’s Leading WeChat Marketing Platform PIS (Productivity & Innovation System), provides one-stop services and integrated powerful function to enhance your business:

✓ CRM System (Customer Relationship Management)

✓ Auto-Reply System

✓ Wechat Website

✓ Market-Boost Module

✓ Promotion Module

✓ QR Code Module

✓ LBS System

✓ Booking/Reservation Module

✓ Wechat Wifi

✓ Analysis and Statistics System

✓ Ecommerce System

✓ Inventory Management

✓ Distribution System (Included Three Level Distribution)

✓ Logistics System

Online Marketing

The goal of online marketing is to promote awareness about your business and products or services via the Internet, our services encompasses a variety of different strategies including:

✓ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

✓ Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

✓ Social Media Optimization (SMO)

✓ Mobile Networking and Marketing

✓ Email Marketing

✓ Newsletter Subscription

✓ Mobile / Web Advertising (web Banner)

✓ E-Direct Mailer (EDM)

✓ QR Code Design